Department & Services - Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact in regards to issues with road maintenance, beach maintenance, drainage, garbage collection or land fill operation?

Please call the municipal office at 982-2010 or email and your concerns will be forwarded to our maintenance staff to be rectified.

Do we have bylaws regarding garbage collection & sewage disposal.

Yes. Please refer to our Bylaw section and the appropriate bylaw. If you still have questions, contact the municipal office.

Why is there a ridge of snow in my drive way?

Most of the subdivisions in the District have narrow road ways with garbage stands well onto municipal property and tree growth to the edge of the road which limits the amount of the snow the grader can deposit between drive ways.  Our road grader is equipped with a snow gate that limits the amount of snow left in the drive ways but cannot eliminate it.  The deeper the snow fall the more snow the snow gate will leave in the drive way.  Drive ways that are not cleaned regularly will develop large ridges from the action of the grader moldboard pushing against drive way snow.   Keeping the drive way clear is the resident's responsibility.

I want all the snow out of my yard and driveway, where can I put the snow?

Snow Dump Sites have been set up in different areas of the District where residents can haul clean snow from drive ways and yards. Right hand side of Murray Point boat launch, Emma Lake Land fill, Over flow parking lot Bells Beach and in south ditch old section of Highway 953 near McPhail Cove. Pushing or dumping snow onto or into Public Reserves, across road ways or road allowances, private  property(unless written permission is given) is prohibited.