Terms of Reference:

To advise the Council on environmental issues within the District.  These issues may come from the Council, cottage/community/condo associations, committee members, government and other agencies, or individual ratepayers.

To consult with ratepayers, representatives from government agencies, non-government organizations such as PARCS and environmental bodies, as required.

Other duties as assigned or required by Council.


Each cottage and/or community association may recommend by August 1st of each year up to two representatives (ratepayers) from each of the four lakes (Anglin, Christopher, Emma, McPhee) and Elkridge community. 

The committee may recommend up to three ratepayers “at large”.

Council shall appoint two Councillors, one of whom will serve as Committee Chair and one as alternate representative.  A Councillor may be a committee member only for their term of office, and a cottage or community representative may only remain if they are a member of that association.

The Committee shall select a secretary.


Appointments will be made annually as part of the regular Council appointment process, with no limit to the number of terms that may be served.

When a councillor vacancy occurs, the Council shall appoint a replacement person within one month from the date the vacancy occurred.  If a vacancy occurs from the cottage/community associations, they will be asked to name a replacement.

Meetings: There will be at least six meetings per year but preferably monthly.

Attendance: Attendance is encouraged on a regular basis.  Committee members shall not be absent for more than three (3) consecutive meetings of the committee unless approval has been obtained from the Chair of the committee.  The committee may request that the association that the absent member represents name a replacement member.

Quorum: Fifty percent of appointed members plus one which is either the Chair or alternate councillor.

Resource: The District will provide meeting space, photocopying, and an annual budget based on a submitted and approved budget.

Reports to: Council of the District of Lakeland #521