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The ECLA works for and on behalf of our members throughout the year in a number of ways.


Please let Board members and your Beach Reps know what initiatives you think are important!

New volunteers are always needed, and if you are interested in knowing how you can help please contact your Beach Representative, or any of the Executive and Committee Chairs as listed in the contact information section below.

Memberships are renewable on an annual calendar-year basis. 
to download the membership form
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Wayne Hyde at to request a form electronically.

Your annual dues of $10.00 are used to support the following initiatives.

1.  Annual publication and distribution of Laker’s News:

  • provides information on the ECLA, its function and current projects
  • provides information on community organizations and activities in the RM of Lakeland, including local contact names

2.  Involvement in various water related initiatives:

  • contributes to the RM of Lakeland Environmental Advisory Committee Water Quality program which includes water quality monitoring on Emma and Christopher Lakes
  • appoints members who sit on the Spruce River Diversion Operation Project Advisory Board, which oversees lake water level and pumping activity.
  • Maintains a membership in “Partners for the Saskatchewan River Basin” which promotes watershed stewardship and sustainability

3.  Support of Environmental Awareness issues:

  • recommend members to the RM of Lakeland Environmental Advisory Committee which works with Council to protect the natural resources of our community
  • promotes safe boating and nesting habitat protection through the posting of Loon Alert and No Wake signs, and distribution of the “It’s Your Wake” brochure to provide an awareness of the effects of boat wake on our lakes and shorelines
  • provides support and assistance for the annual Nurture Nature In Lakeland day

4.  Provide Beach Reps for each beach on Emma and Christopher Lakes to:

  • to represent and act as personal contacts to beach residents and collect memberships
  • bring forth concerns to the Board

5.  Interaction with government:

  • Board members observe RM of Lakeland council meetings
  • Board members attend  Provincial Association of Resort Communities (PARCS) meetings and seminars

6.  Provide financial support to the local Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP)

7.  Provide a multi-level swimming program at various beaches during July and August.

Contact Information:
Title Name Contact Number
President Craig Fisher (306)960-7108
Vice President VACANT
Secretary Brenda Daniels (306)981-4500
Treasurer Giselle Nogier (306)982-2241
Communication Chair Donna Brooks (306)982-4625
Consitution Chair VACANT
Environment Chair VACANT
Membership Chair Wayne Hyde (306)982-2079
Swimming Chair Marcia Bergman (306)982-4295
Water Advisory Chair Richard Afseth (306)982-4989
Water Advisory Chair Wayne Hyde (306)982-2079
District Rep John Stauffer
Beach Representatives:
Area Name Contact Number
Bell's Beach VACANT
Birch Bay VACANT
Aspen Ridge Carrie Ostapiw (306)982-2385
Carwin Park VACANT
Clearsand VACANT
Doran Park VACANT
Guise Beach Joan Bell (306)982-3356
Kinasao Ed Kasdorf/ Dawn Stinson (306)982-4894
McIntosh Point VACANT
McPhail Cove Zenia Kalyn (306)982-3774
Murray Point VACANT
Okema Dwayne Sukorokoff (306)982-3182
Spruce Point Frances Wagner (306)220-0069
Sunset Bay Denise Taylor (306)982-2528
Sunnyside VACANT
Neis Beach VACANT